It's been clear for quite some time that conventional encryption is flawed. Despite various forms of modernization and layering, the headlines are still filled with data breach nightmares and devastating corporate fallout.
We set out to create a data security solution that was a logical compliment to encryption rather than an alternative. Our technology seamlessly works alongside any existing data encryption strategy and literally adds a new spacial dimension to how data is protected.
Product Highlights
When developing HyperSphere we focused on the things that mattered most to software engineers, data security professionals, as well as the enterprises they serve.
  • Truly Keyless
    When we say keyless we mean it. Unlike all other encryption methods there are literally no keys at all. How do you lose what doesn't exist?
  • Seamless Compliance
    Our solution makes your customer PII and other sensitive data compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2, CCPA, etc.
  • Fast
    The market requires products and companies to move quickly. HyperSphere provides sub-millisecond response times.
  • Developer Friendly
    Our tools are deployed via a simple to use yet powerful web-service just like Twilio and Stripe.
  • Data Agnostic
    Regardless of whether it's structured or unstructured, HyperSphere can be used to protect all kinds of data from text to video to executables and imagery.
  • Patented
    HyperSphere has been developed over the past 9+ years and was awarded a patent for our quantum immune data protection (QIDP®) offering.
  • Compliments Encryption
    As an obfuscation tool HyperSphere is a seamless compliment to any existing encryption strategy. After all, we've never met a CISO or CTO who claimed to be 'safe enough' from threats.
  • Future Proof
    Because our solution deploys as a web-service it easily adapts to the way your product or business is growing without slowing your down or adding bloat.
Why A Web-Service?
  • Interoperability

    A web-service enables applications to communicate with each other sharing data and services among themselves. It allows the application platform and technology to be independent.
  • Standardized Protocol

    Web-services use industry standard protocols for communication. This standardization provides tremendous flexibility, and often results in time and cost savings.
  • Low Cost

    By leveraging SOAP over HTTP we avoid the use of costly proprietary solutions in favor of using standard network connectivity for implementation and avoids excess expense.
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