Secure any storage against AI, quantum threats, ransomware, and human errors—
no complex key management required.
Immediate Value:

  • Save on Key Management Costs

  • Choose the Lowest Cost Storage Provider

  • Reduce Operations Headcount

  • Ransomware Attack Avoidance
Key Differentiators
  • Future-Proof: Built to resist attackers using AI and Resistant to Quantum Computers
    HyperSphere’s cutting-edge solution combines military-grade encryption with quantum key obfuscation to provide unparalleled protection against both external and insider threats. Unlike traditional methods, we conceal encryption keys in multidimensional space, ensuring they are never exposed to potential vulnerabilities.

    Our native implementation of automatic key rotation, utilizing AES256GCM, is a testament to our commitment to security. HyperSphere's optimized algorithm efficiently leverages hardware resources, including specialized accelerators for AES encryption, to deliver swift encryption and decryption processes. This optimized approach not only enhances performance but also eliminates the need for key storage and management, streamlining operations and reducing complexity and costs for businesses of all sizes.
  • Designed for Today's Cloud and Hybrid Deployments
    Our virtual appliance seamlessly integrates into your current environment, leveraging Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates to automate deployment. Say goodbye to deployment headaches as HyperSphere effortlessly integrates into your infrastructure, offering a hassle-free setup across all cloud platforms.
  • Increased Privacy & Compliance
    Support for cross-border regulatory compliance, including GDPR.
Use Cases
  • File Protection
    • Protect confidential data on file servers.
    • Zero Trust approach prevents file server admins from accessing data.
    • Mitigate ransomware and data tampering on file servers.
  • Ransomware Protection
    • Automatic self-healing from ransomware attacks in real-time.
    • Real-time rollback of compromised data.
    • Avoid last-resort, costly backup recovery processes.
  • Backup Protection
    • Reduce attack surface by isolating data using an alternative approach to air-gapping.
    • Supports immutable storage for hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.
    • Extra layer of protection for sensitive data.
  • AI Training Data and Models
    • Control access to AI/ML models & datasets.
    • Protect against AI/ML poisoning.
    • One API for all cloud platforms
    • Dataset integrity monitoring.
  • Cloud Storage Protection
    • Protect data from unauthorized access.
    • Zero Trust approach prevents access to data by cloud admins or service providers.
    • Resolve data residency and compliance issues.
  • IoT Sensor Data
    • Fulfill customer requirements for data security and trust.
    • Simple integration for data sovereignty (data security and residency) requirements.
    • Enable bring-your-own-storage model.
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