Real-time protection and infinite resilience for your storage against AI, quantum threats, ransomware, and human errors—no complex key management needed.

Provides proactive cybersecurity measures to safeguard unstructured data, ensuring continuous business operations even in the face of potential disruptions or security breaches. Leveraging HyperSphere's patented QIDP® technology, the solution

  • (1) fortifies the AES256-GCM cipher to encrypt the data and auto-rotate the cipher’s key in multi-dimensional space,
  • (2) obfuscates the data.
  • (3) securely stores the data immutably.
Our advanced technology employs proprietary streaming algorithms, ensuring there is no limit to the amount (or type) of data to be protected against AI or quantum threats. Rest assured, it does so as soon as the data is created.
The HyperSphere Engine: A Virtual Appliance Powerhouse.
  • Ease of Deployment

    Virtual appliances typically come pre-packaged with all necessary software components, making deployment straightforward and efficient.
  • Scalability

    Virtual appliances can easily scale up or down to accommodate changing workload demands, providing flexibility and agility to meet evolving business needs.
  • Consistency

    Virtual appliances ensure consistency in software configuration and environment across different deployment instances, minimizing compatibility issues and simplifying management.
  • Isolation
    Virtual appliances provide a level of isolation from the underlying hardware and other virtual machines, enhancing security and minimizing the impact of potential vulnerabilities.
Product Highlights
When developing HyperSphere, we prioritized the needs of software engineers, data security professionals, and the CEOs and Boards of the enterprises they serve.
  • Automated Key Rotation
    We autorotate key management natively using Quantum Key Ofbusationion (QKO). This ensures data is not leaked and removes the burden associated with managing and rotating encryption keys.
  • Seamless Compliance
    Our solution makes your customer PII and other sensitive data compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2, CCPA, etc.
  • Fast
    The market requires products and companies to move quickly. HyperSphere provides sub-millisecond response times.
  • Easy and Automated Deployment
    We use Terraform to deploy our technology in existing cloud environments. In addition, we can be deployed as a QIDP Landing Zone on AWS.
  • Data Agnostic
    Regardless of whether it's structured or unstructured, HyperSphere can be used to protect it.
  • Patented
    HyperSphere has been awarded a patent for our quantum Image data protection (QIDP®).
  • Compliments Encryption
    As an obfuscation tool, HyperSphere is a seamless complement to any existing encryption strategy. After all, we've never met a CISO or CTO who claimed to be 'safe enough' from threats.
  • Future Proof
    As our solution effortlessly deploys as a virtual appliance, it seamlessly adapts to the dynamics of public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid environments, ensuring flexibility without compromising performance.
Simplifies the ongoing management of stored data while eliminating key vulnerabilities (responsible for 60+% of all cyber-attacks.)

Full fidelity
Nothing about your data is changed, so it retains maximum forensic integrity.
(No fragmenting, no sharding, no reassembly.)

Restore encrypted/compromised/deleted data to its last known good state.

Frequently Asked Questions
Introducing a new paradigm can be challenging and often prompts questions. Particularly when if feels like magic.
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