HyperSphere QA API Requirements

The QA environment is a pre-production testing area for developers seeking to work with HyperSphere's APIs and SDKs for shadowing and reviving data. The system is not currently set up through or protected with an API gateway and should not be considered a production environment. While patching, upgrades, and maintenance activities are done during off hours, no uptime guarantees are made or implied for this pre-production testing environment.


Each group must sign the HyperSphere MNDA before being granted access to the environment. The environment’s access is limited to specific IP addresses. If a dynamic address is used, an FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) can be used with a DDNS Service. Each group will be given an access token for their testing. This token is limited to application testing only. The tokens will be sent partially via email, and the list part via text message.

Please complete and submit the form below in order to get started.

For any requests during the testing process, please send a detailed email to developersupport@hyperspheretech.com and someone from the HyperSphere team will get back to you as soon as possible.
The HyperSphere Developer Enablement Team
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SMS will be used to send API token
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The information gathered in the next few questions will help the HyperSphere team determine the best way to guide you in architecting a data security solution using our API.
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