We Prevent Data From Being Weaponized Against You.

We're redefining data security with real-time protection against ransomware and data theft, coupled with infinite resilience.

Simplify data security, enhance privacy, and ensure resilience for hybrid and public-cloud environments.

Reduce Operational Downtime
HyperSphere tackles ransomware with a data-centric strategy, ensuring the protection of sensitive data across live file systems, servers, and storage platforms. Its advanced detection mechanisms, self-recovery functionalities, and data restoration capabilities swiftly address ransomware threats, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual interventions. By encrypting data continuously, HyperSphere thwarts unauthorized access during ransomware attacks, ensuring seamless operations, uninterrupted data access, and fortified security
Protection for AI/ML models & training data
HyperSphere shields critical AI/ML models and data from espionage, ransomware, and tampering. Our platform has unmatched data security, resilience, and privacy through a straightforward, agentless setup. Protect your indispensable AI/ML resources and prevent unauthorized access to maintain your competitive advantage and operational integrity. By entrusting your essential AI/ML assets to HyperSphere, you fortify your defenses against unauthorized access, preserving not only your competitive edge but also the integrity of your operations.
Safeguarding extensive and invaluable datasets
HyperSphere introduces a groundbreaking encryption solution devoid of agents, ensuring data security across various locations such as on-premises, cloud, and multi-/hybrid-cloud environments. Our cutting-edge technology guarantees thorough protection for your data, regardless of its storage location, seamlessly integrating with your current infrastructure. By fortifying against unauthorized access, we uphold data privacy and compliance standards, empowering your organization with robust security measures
We Make Data Security Easy

Your data storage wasn't built to prevent ransomware attacks from stealing or encrypting sensitive data. Once infiltrated, the repercussions can be long-lasting. HyperSphere provides a secure and resilient software-defined platform engineered to operate within virtualized environments. This ensures your data remains safe and accessible, regardless of where it's stored.
Fortify Encryption Ciphers

With support for industry-leading encryption ciphers like AES 256 GCM and advanced options such as Cha Cha20 Poly1305, your data remains fortified against evolving threats. Our platform's automatic encryption key rotation enhances security by regularly updating keys while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. What sets us apart is our commitment to never expose encryption or decryption keys, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. Experience enhanced security, compliance, and operational efficiency with HyperSphere - safeguarding your data today and tomorrow.
Self-Heal From Ransomware

In the event of storage compromise or outage, HyperSphere swiftly detects and isolates compromised data, initiating automatic self-healing processes. Users and applications maintain uninterrupted access to data without experiencing any downtime.

With HyperSphere, data can be effortlessly recovered from redundant, secure cyber vaults across AWS availability zones or multiple instances distributed across hyperscalers.
Near real-time data recovery ensures continuous security and accessibility of your data, offering peace of mind during potential threats or unexpected disruptions.

Immutable data protection ensures that your data remains unchanged and intact, without any alterations or fragmentation.

Why Choose HyperSphere?
  • Future-Proof: Quantum Resistant
    HyperSphere utilizes military-grade encryption fortified by Quantum Key Obfuscation (QKO). Encryption keys are concealed within N-dimensional space, shielding them from both external and insider threats. This advancement eliminates the necessity to store and manage encryption keys, simplifying complexity while mitigating risks for businesses of all sizes
  • Designed for Today's Cloud and Hybrid Deployments
    HyperSphere's Data Protection Appliance can seamlessly integrate into an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using Terraform Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates. Whether customers opt for their existing VPC setup or leverage HyperSphere's provisioned VPC, the deployment process is straightforward. The IaC template includes essential AWS resources tailored for the Data Protection Appliance, ensuring smooth integration and optimal functionality.

    These resources encompass IAM roles, EC2 instance profiles, and network security groups, facilitating the secure operation of the Virtual Appliance. Additionally, the template includes provisions for an RDS Postgres database, serving as the persistence layer for the Virtual Appliance. With an emphasis on security and resilience, HyperSphere's approach ensures that EC2 instances housing the Virtual Appliance remain functionally immutable.

    Furthermore, customers have the option to incorporate auto-scaling capabilities into their deployment. This variant includes additional resources such as a Network Load Balancer, EC2 Auto-scaling Launch Template, and EC2 Auto-scaling Group, enabling dynamic scaling of resources to accommodate fluctuating workloads seamlessly.
  • Increased Privacy & Compliance
    Experience superior data privacy and address the requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PCI, SOC 2 all within the data layer of your application.
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